Stephanie Ward


Stephanie Ward is a Certified Personal Trainer and Owner of multiple Train Strong Fit gym locations. She is also a Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Functional Training Specialist, Sports Nutrition for Health & Performance Specialist working with adults who seek to better their lives through fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. 

"As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, my clients depend on me to provide them with the best fitness training, a proven nutrition program and high quality  supplements to fill in their nutritional gaps. They trust me to guide them through our training within the gym and in their everyday life regarding proper nutrition."

"For the past 13 years I have recommended a clean eating program based on the science of the body consuming small balanced meals throughout the day with incredible results. When I discovered the Nitro Nutrition Program it was clearly a perfect fit for our members! Nitro Nutrition is a proven program that offers a complete approach to an easy to follow system which includes the program, the products and the community."

"The program is easy to follow without weighing food, counting calories, logging meals into apps etc. My members don't want to work that hard! The NN program tells you what to eat, when to eat, the proper portions with easy recipes, includes the highest quality products I've ever found and they get the results they want. More than that, it actually teaches them how to continue this nutrition plan for life!"

"Since it's not a deprivation diet, members are never hungry, they feel energetic and balanced throughout the day, have energy for their workouts and are truly maximizing their results in ways that they could not accomplish with just nutrition alone. They have reduced body fat, increased lean muscle, reduced inflammation with less aches & pains, they sleep better, recover faster, eliminated cravings, and just have an overall sense of improved wellness. The feedback has been 100% positive and this has been a perfect addition to our program, the results have been amazing!"

"I could not have asked for a better solution to the need for a plug and play nutrition program to compliment our fitness training. It has helped my current customers improve and we now offer new members the Nitro Nutrition program as a complete program to kick start their experience in our studios. Everyone loves the program which makes for happy coaches and very happy members!"