Mandy White Eskelin


“ I have always had a passion for fitness and helping others live their greatest health. I was a personal trainer for 12 years I had my own weight loss journey where I lost 28 pounds after having 2 babies via c-section. I decided to do my first WBFF competition shortly after to show other women what’s possible. I earned my WBFF Pro card in fitness and placed 3rd in the world at the pro level the same year. I developed severe digestive and hormone issues for to the restrictive diets my coaches had me on, so I decided to attend The Institute of Integrative Nutrition to learn how to heal my body with food. I became a Gut Health Specialist and found a greater passion. When we met Mark Macdonald and saw the Nitro nutrition program, it was in complete alignment with our beliefs about nutrition and eating real food. We are thrilled to show other burnt out personal trainers and nutrition coaches how to impact more lives and create leverage and time freedom while getting their clients on the BEST nutrition program ever!!”

Sami Eskelin

NASM PT, NASM PES, CES, Bachelor in Exercise Science

"I have close to two decades of coaching experience and multiple degrees and certifications in exercise science and nutrition. I’ve had the honor of coaching pro athletes, celebrities and high level business executives. Also i have contributed articles to multiple health and wellness books as well as global magazines. Mandy and I both have been sponsored athletes by other companies however we were never in alignment with what they put into their products. When we found Kyani over 2 years ago, we finally found something we could stand behind! Then Mark Macdonald came along with the Nitro Nutrition program, it was a perfect alignment with what we have been teaching people for years. It’s simple and sustainable for our clients around the world! Now we show other health pros and trainers how to implement this incredibly simple program and all natural products to their clients”