Larry G Andrew


Larry G Andrew, D.O. graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medical School in 1996 and is board certified in Family Medicine with an emphasis in Gynecology/Male & Female Infertility & Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. He owns a clinic in Payson, Utah, partnered with Nitro Nutrition in Nov 2018 and has been recommending Nitro Nutrition to his patients ever since.

"I have been recommending some of the best supplements on the market to my patients for over 20 years, but I’ve never seen anything that even comes close in comparison to what Kyani offers in terms of quality, purity, potency absorbability & palatability."

"The results I am seeing since recommending this to my patients is remarkable. I often treat women with various autoimmune disorders since that is a big factor with unexplained infertility and I often recommend the Triangle of Health prior to beginning the IVF process. I’ve had at least 3 patients who after starting on the Triangle of Health didn’t make it to IVF because they ended up conceiving on their own! One of those had been infertile for 8 years prior! And once pregnant I recommend Triangle of Health as a prenatal vitamin which has resulted in smooth deliveries & healthy newborn babies."

"I have been able to get people off various medications including blood pressure & blood sugar regulating meds and over time have seen blood work improve as well. My patients consistently report improved sleep, increased energy levels and a decrease in pain/inflammation and other chronic ailments. Financially speaking, adding Nitro Nutrition to my practice has generated approximately an extra $30k additional income annually to my clinic without an increase in overhead."