Catalina Grija


Dr Catalina Grija, MD graduated from Carol Davila Institute of medicine and pharmacy in Bucharest Romania in 1990 specializing in Internal Medicine. She has been practicing as a board-certified internist for 23 years and recently opened the Whole Life Wellness Club in Chicago focusing on Functional Medicine.

"I’ve always believed in proper supplementation with my patients and was never able to achieve the results that I have with the Kyani Triangle of Health. Prior to using this simple but amazing combination of nutraceuticals, I had never seen such improvements in discomfort, energy levels, sleep quality, support cholesterol and glucose levels with other supplements."  

"Since implementing Kyani products into my practice I’ve been able to improve metabolism to the point of safely reducing the amount of western medicine needed for patients. We are what we eat, and I am a firm believer that education, proper nutrition and guidance is key! I love utilizing the programs Kyani has implemented making it easy to streamline things in my practice. "

"The Kyani products have changed my own personal life and entire practice! Physically and professionally. Trying to understand the mechanism of action led me to Functional Medicine! I love practicing it and helping people understand how to get to the root problems of any issues!"