Carrie Lupoli

M.Ed., M.Ed, IBNFC

Carrie Lupoli is an award winning educator and international speaker who is a certified health, nutrition and life coach.  She is the founder of Disruptive Nutrition where she and her 13 coaches support thousands of women to see their bodies as their best friends instead of their enemies.  They teach a simple, satisfying and sustainable approach as they work with women to understand food and improve their relationship with their bodies.  

Carrie’s life was transformed when she initially learned the Nitro Nutrition approach almost a decade ago and as a result, changed careers to pursue advanced certifications in health, wellness and coaching.  She and her team partnered with Nitro Nutrition officially in May 2021 and once they integrated the Kyani product line to their coaching, they saw a significant increase in their clients’ success when measured by weight loss, energy levels, overall satisfaction and athletic performance.

“I have been recommending a variety of products to my clients for years, but I always struggled because there were issues with ingredients, manufacturing, purity and effectiveness. The products aligned with Nitro Nutrition are by far, the highest quality I have ever come across. I don’t take the influence I have on women lightly and until now, I have hesitated to recommend supplements and products because I didn’t have 100% confidence in them, although I know the importance of appropriate supplementation.  These products has been a game changer for my clients. They have gotten off medication, seen weight loss results quicker and have shown dramatic improvements in their blood work.”