Brandon Thornhill

Former Navy SEAL & SOCM

“Brandon Thornhill is a former Navy SEAL and Special Operations Combat Medic. He was the lead Human Performance department head inside of his 32 man SEAL Troop where he helped guide his team members on sustained deployments to continue to perform at the highest level through physical fitness, training and nutrition. 

He also helped train his wife and guided her through her fitness and nutrition journey to win her Pro card. 

“I’ve been in the apex of human performance almost my whole adult life; helping people perform at the highest levels for long periods of time while many times under extreme amounts of stress. I was also a 1st Phase BUD/s instructor for 3 years putting students through Hell Week; testing the limits of their physical and mental limits."

"For over 10 years, people have been asking what they should be taking, showing me the supplements they were on and what I recommended. Many of those supplements were products that had great marketing but not very high quality ingredients and sourcing."

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"The products made a huge difference in my performance and recovery as well as my former military friends. The results they got were so unbelievable that I saw value in partnering with the company that I’ve now made a full time career out of it; making over 7 Figures in the process. I’ve never seen anything so simple, effective and turn key."