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Mark Macdonald

World-renowned nutrition & fitness expert

Mark Macdonald

Coaching you to success

Mark is a world-renowned nutrition & fitness expert, #1 best-selling author, television personality, international speaker, and entrepreneur who has coached celebrities, athletes, executives, and even busy moms and dads on how to improve their health and fitness with science-based nutrition and lifestyle strategies.

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"As a busy healthcare provider, I am not able to provide all the education and coaching required to help my patients or a simple way to offer them natural solutions in my practice. My reputation is everything, my patients trust me, and after 20 years of searching, this program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The results they’re getting are unbelievable."

Larry G


“I’ve never seen anything that even comes close to products regarding quality, purity, potency, absorbability & palatability. The results and blood work I am seeing are remarkable. My patients consistently report improved sleep, energy levels and improvements that are nothing short of unbelievable. Financially, my clinic has generated $30k+ additional income without an increase in overhead."



"I’ve always believed in proper supplementation with my patients and was never able to achieve the results that I have with the Kyani Triangle of Health. Prior to using this simple but amazing combination of nutraceuticals, I had never seen such improvements in discomfort, energy levels, sleep quality, support cholesterol and glucose levels with other supplements."


M.Ed., M.Ed, IBNFC

“I have been recommending a variety of products to my clients for years, but I always struggled because there were issues with ingredients, manufacturing, purity and effectiveness. These are by far, the highest quality I have ever come across and my clients are getting the best performance results I’ve seen in over 10 years."



"As a Gym Owner of multiple locations, I’m really busy and my clients depend on me to provide them with the best program and supplements to fill in their nutritional gaps. Finally, one I can recommend without adding more work to my plate. It’s turn key, the program is easy to follow without weighing food, counting calories, logging meals into apps, etc. And includes the highest quality products I've ever found."

Mandy & Sami


"We were never in alignment with what other companies put into their products. When we saw this, it was in complete alignment with our beliefs. Plus, there are so many burnt out PTs and nutrition coaches that need something simple, that works and that they can recommend to create leverage and time freedom. This is the best solution out there."


CrossFit Athlete, NASM

“As a crossfit competitor, I went from 44th to 1st in the world just by switching to these products! My energy levels, my ability to sleep, all those things are improved more than I ever thought was possible…and I can run again! My knees and recovery is nothing short of a miracle.”


Former Navy SEAL & SOCM

“I’ve been in the apex of human performance for over 15 years; helping people perform at their highest level. When I saw these products I saw true quality over quantity without inflated prices and I saw the simplicity of not having to take 20 different products vs a couple with better results.”

Real. Simple. Results.

21 Day Reset and Accelerate Program Results

96% were happy with
their results
98% experienced reduced
sugar cravings*
93% reported
better energy
14lb average
weight loss*
84% reported
improved sleep
98% said it was
easy to follow*
Kenley Mendoza
Kenley Mendoza

"What an incredible 21 days! Bloating gone, energy levels up, muscles toned, fat burned, stamina increased, and confidence levels strong. And doing it all over again because I've never felt better!"

- Kenley Mendoza

Amelia Harper
Amelia Harper

"I haven't felt this way since high school! I feel like myself again with more confidence and ready to take it to the next level!"

- Amelia Harper

Kyle Peterson
Kyle Peterson

"My wife and I were honestly just hoping to find something that we could still be doing five years from now.
We were excited to implement Nitro Nutrition as more of a lifestyle shift"

- Kyle Peterson

Mike Towns
Mike Towns

"The Nitro Nutrition program has been a life changer. The transformation is unbelievable. The way I feel is far greater than any of the cosmetic changes."

- Mike Towns

"I'm 37 years old and in the best shape of my life, phisically, mentally, and emotionally."

- Angie Hernandez

"The program transformed my life and helped me be an example of health for my family. And the greatest lesson I learned is to focus on 1% progress and regardless of life's challenges, stay focused on moving forward with my health."

- Erica Damico

"I have lost 61 lbs and have more energy, better joint mobility, and a better understanding of food.
Nitro Nutrition Program has changed my life."

- LaToya Mitchell

"I have never felt or looked better my entire life and the best is still yet to come. After decades of failed diets, this plan, products and community changed my life forever! This plan is so simple to live, It’s simple to maintain, it’s simple to get life changing results and it’s simple to Fall in LOVE with forever!"

- Yvette Bombardier


Nitro Nutrition

Experience the Nitro effect in only 21 days

Nitro Nutrition is a science-based global program centered on three parts:

Simple Plan

Award-winning Products

Supportive Community

The Nitro Effect

Enables healthy inflammatory response

Enables healthy
inflammatory response

Promotes circulation


Naturally balances blood sugar

Naturally balances
blood sugar

Optimizes digestion


Supports collagen resilience

collagen resilience

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Kyäni products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition.

The Simple Plan:

Reset Your Body & Accelerate Your Result


Start your 21-Day Reset

Get ready to reset your metabolism and digestion by learning how to optimize your food and fitness in Just 21-Days.


Accelerate Your Results for a Lifetime

Amplify the Nitro Effect and take your health results to the next level!

What you get!

Award-Winning Natural Products

Wellness Simplified

Supportive Community: Welcome home

When you join Nitro Nutrition you get exclusive access to our Nitro Nation private Facebook group where we will celebrate you and provide you with:

  • Daily motivation
  • 10 minute simple recipes
  • Live coaching and support
  • Fun workout and tips for men & women: at home or in the gym
  • Inspirational success stories
  • Support from around the world as a global community member

Join us!

The community
Nitro Nutrition Coaching

Nitro Nutrition Coaching

Join us LIVE every Tuesday.

Live coaching for members only every Thursday.


What is the Nitro Effect?

The foundation of the Nitro Effect is Nitric Oxide which is considered the molecule of life.  We can live for 5 minutes without oxygen but we can only live for 5 seconds without nitric oxide. 

Nitric oxide promotes circulation, blood flow, respiratory health, sexual function and so much more.  Everything happens through our blood from nutrient absorption to releasing toxins and the bottom line is our body produces less and less of it as we get older. We can make up for some of that loss through food, exercise and supplementation.

In addition, we know that in order to achieve our optimal health, where we are living our best life, we need to give our body what it needs, and because of our plan, along with our produces, we can produce exactly that, which is what we call, “The Nitro Effect”

The Nitro Effect is an experience in your body that focuses on improving the key aspects of your health. We must focus on health first and not weight loss because your body is the correct weight based on the signals that yousend it. It’s extremely difficult, in fact it is almost impossible to release inflammatory weight and keep it off without first getting the body healthy. 

To do that your body must experience a healthy inflammatory response, improved circulation, naturally balanced blood sugar, optimized digestion and a way to support collagen resilience

The combination of this world class plan, that is all about fueling it correctly and not depriving it, along with the right type of supplementation with world class products is exactly what causes the Nitro Effect.

How is this program any different from what I’ve done in the past?

Traditional weight loss or “programs'' all focus on deprivation with unsatisfying and unsustainable approaches.  Whether it’s restricting carbs, calories or fasting, we know that such deprivation causes the body extra stress and that can cause not only a plateau and eventual weight gain but also hormonal imbalance and the risk of disease.  

The Nitro Nutrition approach is a combination of learning how to fuel yourself effectively and the impact on eating clean, unprocessed food that is also the balance of the right nutrients in the right portions at the right frequency.  But in addition, it’s important to know how to eat off plan and still reach your goals, and Nitro Nutrition teaches you that as well.

There are three questions that you should be able to answer “YES” to before starting any nutritional approach…

  1. 1. Is it based in science
  2. 2. Can I do it the rest of my life?
  3. 3. Would I let my kids do it.

Nitro Nutrition is the only plan in the world that can answer an emphatic YES to all three of these questions.

Why should we eat every 3 hours?

By eating every 3 hours, you are able to control blood glucose more efficiently. When you eat a carbohydrate by itself, it can have an immediate spike and then a crash in sugar levels. However, when you combine that same carbohydrate with a protein, which tends to have a little bit of fat in it as well, both the protein and fat slow down how quickly the carbs are digested and released into your bloodstream, therefore more efficiently controlling blood glucose levels. This is SUPER important because when you get a spike in blood sugar, your body stores that as FAT; and when your blood glucose levels drop too low, your body secretes a hormone called cortisol that breaks down muscle tissue and turns it into sugar so that you can go on with your day. The problem with that is that as you break down more and more muscle, your metabolism slows down, and even worse, when that muscle is broken down and turned into sugar, the “excess sugar” that you don’t use is stored for later… around your midsection.

I eat clean, will this still benefit me?

Eating clean is one thing, however, how often you eat, and how much of that “clean food” you are consuming is what makes the difference between getting results and staying the same. One thing I find that many people are not aware of is that some of the “clean foods” they consume on a regular basis are also inflammatory in nature. So Nitro Nutrition SYSTEM is more than just “eating clean” as it educates people on what foods to choose, which ones to avoid, how big of a portion to consume and best of all, it provides you with a community filled with world-renowned experts to answer your questions.

No matter how “clean” your food choices are, the nutritional value of foods are no longer what it used to be. Then take into consideration the supply chain issues we have been having lately. Fruits and vegetables are being picked way before they are fully ripened, which causes their nutritional value to decline and if the farmer does not replenish their soil, the quality of the foods they produce will be even lower. Which is why supplementing with highly bioavailable and absorbable vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc. is of the utmost importance in today's world. Additionally, eating clean does NOT help your body produce more nitric oxide or repair and replace collagen, which is why supplementation along with choosing the right foods is critical for us to look and stay young and healthy.

What can you eat on the program?

Food!  Keep in mind, food is not good or bad.  Food simply serves our bodies or it serves our soul and we should be able to have both!  But we just need to understand more about food to be able to do that effectively.  All food is, are protein, fats and carbs and once we learn more about that, we know how to eat anywhere at anytime!

During the 21 Day Reset, we like to say that you “get” to serve your body in a way you probably never have before, by eating clean, whole unprocessed foods while eating the right combination of nutrients in the right frequency.  We like to think of it like an oil change for your car but unlike most “resets” this one will not leave you hungry (in fact hunger is not a thing here at Nitro Nutrition!) but feeling satisfied, balanced and empowered.  

During the 21 Days we avoid foods that we know don’t serve our body and impact our ability to truly get healthy so we can experience the Nitro Effect.  Foods like gluten, dairy, soy and alcohol are known contributors to considerable issues with digestion, inflammation and gut issues so we replace those with proteins, fats and carbs that truly serve our bodies.

After the 21 Day Reset you will learn all about food and how to integrate things you may have been missing back into your routine while still knowing how to balance your blood sugar, integrate your “soul filling” meals into your life and continue to build upon the Nitro Effect you have started producing in your body. And the best part - it’s SIMPLE!

What if I'm not hungry or available to eat every three hours.

The issue of not being hungry is a sign that your metabolism needs a little boost and as you get going into this lifestyle you will feel your metabolism speeding up as your body starts to trust the signals you are sending it and responds accordingly! 

A busy lifestyle can make it seem difficult to eat every 3 hours however, because we eat in one of 3 ways, we have been able to make this lifestyle work in every career with every circumstance!  With the options of making simple but tasty recipes, you can then make extra for the next day.  Another option is to have simple grab and go PFC meals (proteins, fats and carbs) th at don’t take more than a couple of minutes to piece together and eat.  Finally, having a high quality meal replacement like a protein shake a couple times a day is a great way to eat on the run knowing that  you are still fueling your body appropriately!

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